The Pratt Digital team is a small but mighty one. For us to work as efficiently as possible, we rely on a few bits of software to ensure that we are always bringing our A-game.

With World Productivity Day looming, we thought we’d share some of our favourite productivity-boosting tools with you. How very productive of us.

1. Basecamp

This piece of software is a productivity god-send. Basecamp allows us to create hundreds of projects, each with their own corresponding check lists, message boards and schedules. The ability to assign certain teams to each project has streamlined our workflow and communication, boosting efficiency in the office.

2. Everhour

A fairly new addition to Pratt Digital HQ, but Everhour (a time tracking software) is doing an incredible job at keeping us all in check. This little guy is now integrated within our Basecamp accounts and allows us to allocate and track time against all of our tasks.

Not only does this ensure each of our clients are receiving a dedicated chunk of our team’s time, but it has also allowed us to review capacity and find extra time to work on projects behind the scenes (such as our upcoming PPC workshop!)     

3. Google Data Studio

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Using Google Data Studio for multiple data-source reporting is life changing (this isn’t even an exaggeration.) Data Studio’s connectors allow us to pull metrics from countless different channels into one report, saving us and our clients a bunch of time when it comes to reviewing overall campaign performance.

You can read more about the wonders of Data Studio here.      

4. Our Favourite Excel Shortcuts

It wouldn’t be a productivity blog post without a few of our favourite time-saving Excel shortcuts thrown in for good measure.

  1. First up, LEN (or ‘Lenny boy’ as it is otherwise known here). This function generates character counts for the ad copy we write. With most ad platforms having strict character restrictions, this makes sure we keep them all happy!
  2. PROPER. Seeing as we are best-practise fiends, we tend to capitalise the first letter in each word of our Google ads (especially when it comes to headlines and extensions!) This function takes our existing work and capitalises it; no more spamming the shift button for us!
  3. CONCATENATE allows us to merge the values of selected cells. As an example, if we needed to replicate 50 ads, each mentioning a different location, we could add the location names in a new column and use CONCATENATE to merge the values. Hey presto!

excel concatenate

Do any of these tools also allow you to thrive under pressure? Or have you got your own recommendations? Let us know!