If you’re anything like us, the warmer sunnier weather is a reminder to freshen up our space. So why not spring clean your paid search campaigns as well! After the busy holiday period and as the weather (hopefully) starts to get nicer, now is the time to check off the following:

1. Clean Up Your Keywords

When you created your paid search campaigns, you would have added a list of keywords to target. When was the last time you reviewed these and the search terms triggering your ads? Make sure to look out for low impression keywords to remove or irrelevant search terms that should be added as negative keywords.

Once you’ve cleaned up, research and begin testing fresh new keywords that may be more relevant to the product, service or the time of year.

2. Swap Out The Seasonal Ad Copy 

Just like changing up your winter clothes ready for the better weather, check your ad copy that may still relate to winter or the new year. Swap this with more relevant messaging. Seasonal keywords could have run-over from the previous season so look out for any that contain ‘2021’ or ‘winter’ for example. It is worth pausing or removing them as to not drain your budget.

3. Refresh Your Ads 

First of all, make sure all your campaigns have responsive text ads (RSA). This is because from June 2022, RSAs will be the default and only ad type as you won’t be able to create expanded text ads. Only pausing and resuming them will be allowed, so prepare for the change by adding RSAs now. You can learn more about this in our recent blog on making the switch to responsive search ads!

Already prepared and have added this ad type to your campaigns? Then take the time to refresh any ads that may not have been looked at in a while.

If you’re not already using extensions, it will be worth adding them to your campaigns as they help attract more attention to your ads as well as valuable user interactions. They allow you to add additional direct links to different landing pages, phone numbers, addresses & more. Since last year, image extensions have become available, allowing you to upload relevant visuals to your ads. So, make sure you’ve included these as well!

4. Check Your Conversion Tracking

Know how to make better decisions about your ad spend by checking your conversion tracking data. You can do this by reviewing your site for any valuable actions (form fills, downloads etc) and make sure they are being tracked and sent to Google Ads. Then identify any keywords, ads & ad groups that are either driving valuable customer activity or need improving. Optimise your campaigns accordingly to help generate better leads, sales, sign-ups etc going into the new season.

5. Get In Touch For Full Check

At Pratt Digital, we regularly clean up our client campaigns. So, if you want help checking where your paid search campaigns can be optimised and cleaned up, then contact us! We’ll check that they are structured correctly, optimised towards your business goals and not wasting valuable marketing budget – all for free! Get more information about our free Digital Campaign Audits here.