Back in September 2021, I shared my experience on Becoming A Digital Marketing Apprentice. It’s been just over half a year since I started at Pratt Digital and it has flown by!
Let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing and what it is really like being an apprentice.

Busy, busy, busy
Apprenticeships allow you to get stuck into a job, gaining knowledge whilst applying what you learn every day. That’s exactly what it has been like for me.
I have completed my Principles of Marketing exam and become Google Analytics certified whilst studying with Creative Process. I’ve also taken on more responsibility working on campaigns for clients and managing Pratt Digital’s social media platforms.
I have felt like a valued member of the team since starting at Pratt Digital, not just someone there to watch and learn.

What you put in, is what you get out
Going into an apprenticeship can feel a like you’ve been thrown in the deep end. I work 9-5, work on client accounts, take on brand new roles and responsibilities all whilst studying. I might not be able to have weeknights out or a Monday morning lie in but the experience and knowledge I get when jumping into all this work is so much more rewarding.

Stepping out my comfort zone
Throughout my time at Pratt Digital, there have been moments where a task feels alien to me. It can be intimidating when I’m doing something completely new. However, the thing to remember is that being an apprentice means I am still learning. There is always someone that can help me, whether that’s my manager or my mentor at Creative Process.

The next steps
The experience I’ve gained and the progress I have made in a short amount of time is what makes apprenticeships so valuable. With still halfway to go, there are going to be even more opportunities to learn whilst being in the working world.

I am excited to see where the final half of my apprenticeship takes me and what it will be like when I’m a qualified digital marketer.
I’ll be back again to let you know all about it, see you in December!