There is no doubt that data analysis is still a challenge for many marketeers. Half the battle is understanding what metrics are really important to a business. We need to make sure that our clients can quickly and easily understand how their digital campaigns are performing.  As Google Data Studio converts, we wanted to share how this free tool has changed the way we produce campaign reports.

Our top 5 reasons for giving Google Data Studio a look:

  1. Combine data from different sources into the same report.

The obvious ones are Adwords, Analytics and Search Console. With the aid of third party connectors and integration with Google Sheets, you can directly link to virtually any data source… Facebook, YouTube, your weekly shopping list…

  1. Tailor each report to show the results most relevant to your client.

Every client has a different digital strategy and objectives. With Data Studio you can focus on the data they need to see to judge performance and make informed decisions.

  1. Custom report templates

Once you’ve created a data studio report for a client, you can produce subsequent reports by updating the date ranges. This is great for producing quick mid-month snapshots and can be automated for regular campaign reporting.

  1. Great range of visualization tools

We’ve yet to come across a piece of data that we want to visualise and can’t work out how to in Data Studio. There are numerous customisable scorecards, tables, charts, graphs and maps with which to make your point.

  1. Ability to White Label

The Google Data Studio interface makes it really easy to brand reports with your own or client logos, colours and even typefaces. It takes a bit of time but we think smart, on-brand reports are more likely to receive the attention they deserve!

Our Verdict

Over the years we’ve used many reporting and data visualisation tools. However none so far have come close to Google Data Studio in terms of ease of use and the ability to customize dashboards.  The easily digestible visual reports really help clients to make sense of the numbers that are most important to them. We’re still experimenting with Data Studio but we’ve not found too much to complain about yet! Although, it would be nice if you could export straight to PDF without having to add a Chrome plug in…

If you’re an agency looking for ways to improve your reporting or a client who just wants to get a better grip on your campaign performance, get in touch! We can help with setting up reports, dashboards and any data integrations to get all your important numbers in one place!