Hi, I’m Martha and I have just started my digital marketing journey by becoming an apprentice at Pratt Digital. I thought writing a post would be a nice way to say hello and explain my view on apprenticeships.

University or Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?
How I chose what was right for me…

My three A levels opened up lots of doors and left me with the opportunity to pick which route I wanted to go down. This was a blessing and a curse however as when I came out of sixth form, I wasn’t sure what route was best for me.

I knew I was interested in digital marketing, as I wanted to keep being creative and I had loved my art graphic lessons throughout school.

Digital marketing would let me keep working in a creative mindset. Also, I am always on my phone so why not put that to use and get more involved with the ever-growing digital world!

Contemplating all the options, I decided to reject my university offer and dive into a digital apprentice role. This feels like the smartest decision as being an apprentice allows me to get stuck in with relevant knowledge and training whilst working with clients to fully understand what happens in a real-life setting. This is something that a Uni course wouldn’t be able to offer. Not only am I getting useful practical experience working within Pratt Digital, an accredited Google partner, I am also attending classroom sessions in Brighton and online sessions to learn even more valuable information about digital marketing.

What does being a Digital Marketing Apprentice involve?

Being an apprentice involves much more than what you may think. It is not as simple as watching professionals work and taking notes. You are instantly part of the team, and my role is constantly expanding as I am actively learning new skills every day. I am learning all about Google Ads on Skillshop and have already passed my fundamentals exam. Another role I have is managing Pratt Digital’s social media platforms and practicing creating ad copies alongside my learning with Creative Process Digital. The responsibility that I have taken on in an apprenticeship makes me feel like a valued part of the team.

Benefits of Apprenticeships

If you want to build up valuable skills and experience that you can apply to a vast range of careers, not to mention that pay-check at the end of every month, then definitely apply for an apprenticeship. I can complete my coursework during the working week and apply the knowledge I learn to the work I do at Pratt Digital. This allows the weekends and evenings to be all mine. It’s a great work/home balance and who doesn’t want to be paid whilst learning!