Hi, I’m Rachel, the Pratt Digital Apprentice. I’ve been working here for roughly 2 months so I thought it was time that I properly introduced myself.

The First Step

When I left Sixth form with three A-levels under my belt, I had no idea which step to take next. I had always thought that I would go on to do a degree in something really prestigious like law. (I later realised that what I actually wanted was to become a character in Suits or How To Get Away With Murder, so I scrapped that idea and went back to the drawing board.)

For the past couple of years, I have had a growing interest in digital marketing and social media management. As the world is turning to digital, online skills have become invaluable. (Plus I’m on my phone 99% of the time so I figured I may as well make something of it!)

I decided to take the leap and ditched my university offers to apply for an apprenticeship in digital marketing. QA Apprenticeships took me on and I now work full time in the Pratt Digital office; I will also soon go up to London to complete the in-class modules.


My Apprentice Role

Many think that apprentices just make the tea and take phone calls, but this is a common misconception. My role is constantly expanding. I am already Google AdWords accredited and writing ad copy for clients; this includes monitoring and maintaining the success of these campaigns. As well as gaining some responsibility surrounding the PPC services, I now have control of the company’s social media accounts; I use these platforms to share our blog content, digital marketing stories, and events occurring at Pratt Digital HQ.

I am playing a part in the company’s networking growth, researching and reaching out to possible clients. At the end of the week, I am being sent off to Brighton SEO for further networking opportunities and to learn more about the industry. Learning about PPC and paid social directly from the experts is something I am really looking forward to; these events are not necessarily something that you could experience so readily at university.

I am constantly helping the company and clients progress through the work I do. Playing such an integral role within the business is exciting and makes me feel like a valued team member. This feeling motivates me to work harder because I know that my job is actually making a difference.

Other tasks include editing blogs, creating Spotify playlists for our monthly newsletter, and eating doughnuts. A lot of doughnuts.

Oprah loves doughnuts

The Bottom Line

For those wondering whether to start an apprenticeship, I say go for it! You earn whilst learning, and the skills you acquire during the course can be applied to a multitude of careers. I can carry out all of my coursework during the working day, therefore freeing up my evenings and weekends. This lifestyle balance, and getting my pay cheque at the end of each month, are huge benefits of being an apprentice.

Apprentice meme

Future Plans

After my apprenticeship, I will have earned my Advanced Level 3 Award, and CIM Level 4 Award, in Digital Marketing. One option is to continue studying and earn a degree from the University of Roehampton. I personally hope to continue working at Pratt Digital and grow my marketing career (so you consequently could be hearing a lot more from me!)


If you’re wondering about all of the memes, Pratt Digital really enjoy memes.