Data Studio – Multiple Data Source reporting

We’ve already posted about our growing affections for Google’s Data Studio (if you missed it, read it here) but we have to confess we are now completely smitten. This is a brilliant tool for reporting on multi-channel campaigns across platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Without access to expensive attribution software, it can be a challenge for smaller brands to understand what’s driving their conversions. Data Studio is fantastic at pulling multiple data sources into one report and the data visualisation tools are especially useful. Particularly as the native reporting available in certain paid social platforms can be a ‘little challenging’ for clients to understand.

Connecting Multiple Google Data Sources

Using the free connectors within Data Studio, you can add multiple Google data sources by adding a different account to each widget.

Adwords Connector  YouTube Connector

For Agencies this can be useful if you want to report on your entire MCC performance. It’s also good if you run 2 different AdWords accounts / Google Analytics properties. We have clients who have 2-3 brands, each with different accounts and websites. Data Studio enables us to combine all of them into one report.

Connecting Data Sources from other Channels

Where Data Studio becomes even more powerful is when clients are running campaigns across multiple channels. They could be using any combination of channels, for example Google Ads, organic search, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Connecting these to Data Studio avoids producing multiple reports or time spent combining different spreadsheets. Data can be pulled into Data Studio using partner connectors.

There is a whole range of Data Studio connectors (some free, some paid) created by 3rd party ‘partners’ including Supermetrics, Report Dash and Power My Analytics allowing you to link single data sources or combining multiples into one source.

Amazon sales connector

As an example, we have a client that runs Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and AdWords for their brands. Using the Supermetrics connector for Data Studio we can pull data from each of those sources both individually and combined. We report on each source individually and a summary details the comparative performance of each channel and brand.

datastudio pie chart

There are other ways of combining campaign data, for example using Google Sheets / Excel plugins or the wealth of paid for reporting tools out there. However the spreadsheet-based solution takes a lot more effort and time to set up than Data Studio. We are yet to find an affordable paid solution that matches the flexibility of Google’s offering, without incurring a large monthly fee. The cost of the connectors needed to pull multiple sources into Data Studio are much cheaper than most reporting software subscriptions and if reporting needs are fairly simple, it could be completely free!

Of course it’s also possible to combine two of these methods by using a plugin, pulling data from multiple sources into Google Sheets and then using that as a source for Data Studio. This gives added flexibility, allowing you to manipulate the data within the sheet and then export it to Data Studio.

Powerful & Flexible Reporting

We are continuing to find new ways to make Data Studio really work for our clients, tailoring reports to give them better performance visibility across all their campaigns. With the ease of combining multiple data sources, the ability to create custom metrics and filters, Data Studio is truly a powerful and flexible reporting tool…what’s not to love??

If you want to give Data Studio a try and need some help with the initial set up or are interested in monthly reporting, Get in touch and let’s get nerdy about data.