Hello, I’m Esme and I have just started my digital marketing apprenticeship at Pratt Digital. I have been here for just over a month now and have already learnt so much. This post describes my journey so far and how I chose a route into Digital Marketing that was right for me.

First steps into digital marketing

Whilst I was at college, I loved art but also loved business studies and couldn’t decide which route I wanted to take. Business could mean a well-paid job and art could mean doing my hobby for a living! How to choose? I then discovered digital marketing. I found that I could combine art and business into one, being a marketeer but with a creative twist. This means I can use text, images, colour and my imagination to create ads on a range of networks personalised to a specific client. Most people, including me, use the internet every day and I could see how important it was for companies to have a strong online presence. I wanted to find out how digital marketing and social media influences consumers and their purchasing behaviours.

Work, University or Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

My next choice was to decide whether to try and get a job, go to university or start an apprenticeship. I knew that I didn’t want my learning journey to end quite yet and I knew that I needed experience. So that put me off getting a job straight away. I also felt that I wouldn’t be able to gain the practical experience I needed from a university course, so I turned to the apprenticeship route. That’s where the next chapter in my life begun…

The day to day stuff

The work I do here at Pratt digital runs alongside my apprenticeship learning which includes classroom sessions in Brighton, online sessions and regular meetings with my coach. I can try out the things I learn in these sessions when I am back in the agency.

I’ve been given the responsibilty for our Instagram account. I create and post content, some of which is industry/news related. This means I have already been able to use my creative skills at the same time as digital marketing which is exactly what I wanted. I’ve also picked up some early learning and am now certified in Google Ads.

My experience so far

An apprenticeship is a great opportunity. I like the routine of working 9-5 Monday to Friday and being part of a small team. There is lots to get stuck into and I like feeling valued as it motivates me. Plus you’re getting paid while learning so that’s a bonus! I love that I can do my coursework and revision during the day, so I can achieve a good work/home balance. I have and will continue to gain the experiences that no other route could give me.

The end game!

At the end of my digital marketing apprenticeship I will be awarded with an Advanced Level 3 qualification and I could go onto the next level of apprenticeship or jump off the education train and into a job. Either way, I intend on expanding my skills in digital marketing and continuing to be a valuable member of the Pratt Digital team.

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